ECG education

Is this a case of Brugada syndrome?

Farzad Jazayeri, Gordian Fulde



A young man’s ECG shows the Brugada pattern. What are the implications and is treatment needed?

Article Extract

Your first patient on a Monday morning is booked in for a health screen. He is a seemingly well 33-year-old Japanese man who has recently been sent to Australia by his company for two years. As part of his initial work arrangement he needs a health screen before starting his new job, hence his presence today at your practice.

You start your review of this patient. He speaks English quite well and there is no problem with communication. He is living alone in Australia. He is a nonsmoker, social drinker and has never used any recreational drugs. He is physically active and does 20 to 30 minutes daily of moderate intensity jogging and weight lifting at the gym. He is not taking any medication and does not have allergies to any medications. He does not complain of any symptoms. He sleeps well and is not under much stress at work.