Peer Reviewed Feature Articles
Vascular diseases

Peripheral arterial disease: a practical guide for GPs

Guilherme Pena, Robert Fitridge

With symptomatic and asymptomatic forms of peripheral arterial disease potentially leading to limb and life-threatening complications, a robust understanding and practical framework for addressing this disease are indispensable.

Cardiovascular medicine

Transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis: hiding in plain sight?

Paul Geenty, Matthew Kodsi, Liza Thomas

Transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis is an under-recognised cause of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Accurate diagnosis can avoid delayed treatment. New disease-modifying therapies are now available in Australia. Referral to a cardiologist or specialised amyloidosis clinic is crucial for patients who are suspected of having amyloidosis.

Peer Reviewed Regular Series
ECG education

A case of sudden collapse

Vivienne Miller

A 28-year-old man collapsed on the dance floor after feeling light headed. He had no history of fainting, shortness of breath nor chest pain and took no regular medications. His father had died suddenly at age 39 years. You organise an ECG. What does this show?

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