DAY 4  |  Video highlights from the world’s largest cardiology conference

Panel discussion: Host Prof Brieger

Highlights from our delegates:

•   PARAGON-HF – Angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibition in HPpEF   WATCH »
•   DAPA HF – Dapagliflozin and prevention of adverse-outcomes in HF   WATCH »
•   Would you give it to your grandmother? Primary prevention in the elderly   WATCH »
•   HELP AF – A home-based education and learning program for AF
•   Randomised clinical trial of nurse-led integrated care for AF   WATCH »
•   COMPLETE – Revascularization with multivessel percutaneous coronary intervention in STEMI   WATCH »
•   THEMIS - Effect of ticagrelor on health outcomes in diabetes mellitus patients   WATCH »
•   ISAR-REACT 5 - Ticagrelor versus prasugrel in patients with ACS   WATCH »

Professor David Brieger

Highlights from an interventional cardiology perspective:

•   CLARIFY - In stable coronary disease, patients with angina and prior myocardial infarction have a poor prognosis despite adherence to guideline recommended therapies. Final 5-year results from the CLARIFY study   WATCH »
•   Discussant review - CLARIFY   WATCH »
•   Meet the trialist - CLARIFY   WATCH »
•   RAPID-TnT - A randomised trial of a 1-hour troponin T protocol in suspected acute coronary syndromes: the Rapid Assessment of Possible ACS In the emergency Department with high sensitivity Troponin T   WATCH »
•   Discussant review - RAPID-TnT   WATCH »

Professor John Atherton

Highlights from a cardiology perspective:  

•   BB-meta-HF - Beta-blockers are effective in high-risk heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction and moderately-severe renal dysfunction   WATCH »
•   Discussant review - BB-meta-HF   WATCH »
•   MITRA-FR - 2 years follow-up of the MITRA-FR study a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of percutaneous mitral valve repair in secondary mitral regurgitation   WATCH »
•   Discussant review - MiTRA-FR   WATCH »
•   GALACTIC - Goal-directed afterload reduction in acute congestive cardiac decompensation: a randomized controlled trial   WATCH »
•   Discussant review - GALACTIC   WATCH »
•   Meet the trialist – GALACTIC   WATCH »

Professor Louise Burrell

Highlights from a general medicine perspective:

•   Session: Would you give it to your grandmother? Primary prevention in the elderly
  –   Do octogenerians need a statin?
  –   Should my grandmother be on aspirin? Lessons from ASPREE, ADVANCE and ASCEND
  –   Panel discussion
    WATCH »

Dr Anita Sharma

Highlights from a general practice perspective:

•   Session: Diabetes and heart failure: a complex relationship
  –   Heart failure and diabetes: understanding metabolic alterations to guide therapeutic interventions   WATCH »
  –   The clinical interplay of diabetes mellitus and heart failure   WATCH »
  –   Cardiovascular outcome trials of novel antidiabetic medications: new hope for heart failure patients?   WATCH »

Professor Phillip Newton

Highlights from a cardiac nursing perspective:

•   PURE - Contrasting patterns of cardiovascular disease, cancers and related mortality between high- versus low-middle income countries in 21 countries   WATCH »
•   PURE - Impact of modifiable risk factors on cardiovascular disease and mortality   WATCH »

The Cardiology Today delegates are independently selecting and curating their sessions for this Australian coverage of ESC Congress 2019 direct from Paris.